Happy Father’s Day! 

Hello Readers! 

 For those of you in Australia, you’d know by now that it’s Father’s Day here. If you’re overseas, we celebrate our Fathers on the first Sunday in September. If that wasn’t already obvious 😊

Today will be spent being with my husband and son celebrating his first Father’s Day. This time last year I was pregnant and it didn’t count. He will be spoilt rotten with presents, pancakes for breakfast and a footy game in the afternoon while our baby sleeps. 


My husband and son being nerds
My Dad who is at home in Queensland will be getting a nice little surprise that I left for him from the Noosa Chocolate Factory. Can’t go wrong with chocolate. Check out their site! Do it. The link is right there. 

My Dad and I on my wedding day

Have a wonderful, Spring (or Fall for you Northerners) day! 

Until next time, 


Amber-Jean xo

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