The Pillower’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 9 – Things I’m Grateful For

Hey Everyone! 

I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying your days.

I would say that the things I’m most grateful for are

+ my health 


+ Australia

+ chocolate 

+ freedom 

+ family 

+ my memory 

+ coffee

+ vaccines & modern medicine 

+ electricity 

+ flowers 

+ love 

Short and sweet. 

Have a beautiful day! 


Amber-Jean xo


The Pillower’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 8 – The Best Friends I’ve had

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been a little busy catching up with people here in Darwin and getting life (and my home) back on track. I will be uploading a lot in the next few days so keep checking in. 

The best friends I’ve had. Ok. So here goes it. 

  1. Andrew. Without him, I wouldn’t be into the music I am today and I wouldn’t know half the things I do about glam bands if it weren’t for him. I learnt a lot about myself growing up through my teen years with him and even though there was so much heartache and unanswered questions I still consider him to be one of the biggest influences in my life and for that I’m thankful.   
  2. Hannah.! Don’t even know where to start. She’s my soul, my sister, my person. Anything and everything has happened to us and we have survived. Boys, surgeries, more boys, weddings, divorces, kids, health, heartache, warm fuzzies. Just everything and we are still best friends. I will never be separated from her.   
  3. Gabby. She keeps me informed. There’s not one discussion that goes by without talking about the affects of the subject at hand whether it’s health or beauty or mental. Whatever the topic, we’ve probably covered it. Our conversations can go on forever and our adventures do too. Always and forever Katy Kats.   
  4. Travis. My husband. I never really understood having your partner as your best friend, until the day I got married. It just hit me that he is the person I tell everything to. Even when I’ve got a pimple or I’ve spilt tomato sauce on the floor…I must tell him! I love having him around and can’t see my life without him.  That’s why I married him and had his baby. 

There’s lots more people in my life that I could mention but I think these four are the top ones that spring to mind. 

Have a beautiful day! 


Amber-Jean xo



    The Pillower’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 7 – My Dream Job

    Welcome back everyone! 

    My dream job. Hmmm I think I’m in it. 

    I was thinking that I’d love a job where I can be a wife to look after her husband and plan meals and manage a house. I’d love to be a stay at home mother who looks after her children nourishing them and being there for them. As well as writing down my thoughts and connecting with people all over the world. A job where I can put my imagination to use and create beautiful, handmade items for people to share and cherish. That’s what I do on a day to day basis. I am very lucky. 

    I have always loved gift-giving. There are so many things that are wonderful about it. Hand choosing the perfect thing for that special person, going and picking it out and choosing the most complementing card and gift wrap. Then getting it all home and putting it together. When I actually hand over the gift, seeing the joy that the recipient gets can be overwhelming. That’s why I always put a lot of consideration and love into each gift I give. 

    I’m trying to convey those same emotions in what I create for my business Happy. Healthy. Homely. I want people to see what I’ve created and know that it’s handmade with love either for someone who is looking for a gift to share or wanting something nice for themselves. A little pick me up or something to cherish forever. 

    Let me know what your dream job is 😊 Just click the comment link. 

    Have a beautiful day! 


    Amber-Jean xo 

    Happy. Healthy. Homely.

    The Pillower’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 6 – My Greatest Obstacles And Challenges

    Hey everyone! 

    When I saw what today’s post topic was I thought about doing something purely deep and meaningful. Here’s the thing, the more I thought about it the more I realised that I was hungry. Then I realised my greatest obstacle and challenge goes hand in hand with each other. Not having enough food. 

    A lot of you might think “First world problems woman, calm down!” HOWEVER! If any of you know me you will definitely know that if I don’t have food regularly I become a monster. 

    Every time I start to get over emotional, freak out or cry  it always comes back to “When did Amber-Jean last eat?” It’s like I’m a newborn baby. Actually, I think I need to be fed more than my 8 month old son. He’s less needy. And cuter than I am. 

    This is him. I like him lots. 

    To keep this sweet and short, food is very important. We are meant to graze in order to keep our bodies metabolising. Having a wholesome breakfast is extremely important. A coffee and a bagel won’t cut it! Eat a banana, at least! 

    Take care of your bodies. 

    Don’t forget to check out my handmade items at Happy. Healthy. Homely.

    Have a beautiful day! 


    Amber-Jean xo

    Happy Father’s Day! 

    Hello Readers! 

     For those of you in Australia, you’d know by now that it’s Father’s Day here. If you’re overseas, we celebrate our Fathers on the first Sunday in September. If that wasn’t already obvious 😊

    Today will be spent being with my husband and son celebrating his first Father’s Day. This time last year I was pregnant and it didn’t count. He will be spoilt rotten with presents, pancakes for breakfast and a footy game in the afternoon while our baby sleeps. 


    My husband and son being nerds
    My Dad who is at home in Queensland will be getting a nice little surprise that I left for him from the Noosa Chocolate Factory. Can’t go wrong with chocolate. Check out their site! Do it. The link is right there. 

    My Dad and I on my wedding day

    Have a wonderful, Spring (or Fall for you Northerners) day! 

    Until next time, 


    Amber-Jean xo

    Don’t forget to check out my handmade items at Happy. Healthy. Homely.


    The Pillower’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 5 – Would you rather? 

    Welcome back readers, 

    I’ve been a little busy so I’m going to upload a few days at once to catch up! Crazy, I know! 

    Hope y’all enjoy! 


    Don’t forget to check out my handmade items at Happy. Healthy. Homely.
    Would you rather be completely invisible for one day or be able to fly for one day?

    Completely invisible. 

    Would you rather live your entire life in a virtual reality where all your wishes are granted or in the real world?

    Real world. 

    Would you rather have an easy job working for someone else or work for yourself but work incredibly hard?

    Work for myself. For sure. Even if it is hard work. 

    Would you rather be alone for the rest of your life or always be surrounded by annoying people?

    Be alone. Ain’t nobody got time for dat! 

    Would you rather never use social media again or never watch another movie or TV show?

    Never watch a movie or TV show. 

    Would you rather be the first person to explore a planet or be the inventor of a drug that cures a deadly disease?

    Inventor. Who wouldn’t?! 

    Would you rather lose all of your money and valuables or all of the picture you have ever taken?

    Money and valuables. You can’t buy memories. 

    Would you rather eat your favorite meal for every meal for the rest of your life or never be able to eat your favorite meal again?

    Never again. I’m the kind of person that needs variety. 

    Would you rather live in a place where it is always hot or always cold?


    Would you rather be known for being loyal or kind?


    Would you rather have a horrible short term memory or a horrible long term memory?

    Short term. 

    Would you rather be stuck in a room that is constantly dark for a week or a room that is constantly bright for a week?

    Constantly bright. 

    Would you rather only be able to jump everywhere you go or only be able to walk on your hands?

    Jump. Much more fun. 

    Would you rather find your true love or a suitcase with two million dollars inside?

    True love. 

    Would you rather be able to teleport anywhere or be able to read minds?

    Read minds. 

    Would you rather die in 20 years with no regrets or die in 50 years with many regrets?

    20 years and no regrets. 

    Would you rather know everything or be amazing at any activity you tried?

    Know everything. 

    Would you rather control space or time?


    Would you rather be feared or loved?


    Would you rather be an amazing dancer or an amazing singer?

    Amazing dancer. 

    Would you rather be able to control fire or water?



    The Pillower’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 4 – Favourite Things

    Hey Y’all! Welcome back! 

    4 days into the blogging challenge so here’s another post. 


    1. Drink: Coffee
    2. Dessert: Lemon Meringue Pie
    3. Colour: Orange
    4. Place to be: Home
    5. Month: December 
    6. Colour to wear: Grey
    7. Hair Colour: Blonde
    8. Day: Saturday
    9. Artist: Mötley Crüe 
    10. Shoes: Converse 
    11. Hairstyle: Braids
    12. App: Instagram
    13. Animal: African Elephant 
    14. Place to visit: Beach
    15. Thing to do: Give gifts
    16. Fruit: Strawberry
    17. Scent: Coconut & Lime
    18. Time of day: Late afternoon
    19. Vegetable: Sweet Potato
    20. Emotion: Joy


    I’ll be back again tomorrow. Stay tuned! 

    Until then, have a beautiful day! 


    Amber-Jean xo 

    The Pillower’s 30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 3 – 5 People I’d Like to Have Lunch With 

     Hello Readers, 

    Welcome back to my blog! It’s Day 3 of the blogging challenge (in case the title didn’t give it away). 5 People I want to meet for lunch. 

    This list was very easy to put together. There’s lots of people that I’d want to meet for lunch but these make the top 👍

    1. My Mum – I’ve realised that it doesn’t matter how old I am but I will always need her and she is one of the first people I go to for anything and everything, any time, day or night. She has never stopped being there for me and I will cherish her forever.    
    2. My Younger Self – I would love to sit down with myself for a little while and tell her that it will work out. You’ll be ok. Keep doing what you’re doing. Otherwise you won’t learn what you need to in order to be where you should be. IMG_2129
    3. My Husband – What can I say? I like spending time with the guy.  He goes alright. Plus he says I’m pretty. Which is always nice.   
    4. My Nanna – This woman has missed out on seeing me get married and meeting her great grandson and I’d love the chance to tell her everything that’s been going on and that I’m happy.   
    5. Sir Christopher Lee – This one isn’t soppy. He was a really, really cool dude who did lots of stuff and I think a conversation with him would be amazing.   

    Thank y’all for reading and I’ll be back tomorrow! 

    Have a beautiful day! 


    Amber-Jean xo