The Pillower’s 30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 3 – 5 People I’d Like to Have Lunch With 

 Hello Readers, 

Welcome back to my blog! It’s Day 3 of the blogging challenge (in case the title didn’t give it away). 5 People I want to meet for lunch. 

This list was very easy to put together. There’s lots of people that I’d want to meet for lunch but these make the top 👍

  1. My Mum – I’ve realised that it doesn’t matter how old I am but I will always need her and she is one of the first people I go to for anything and everything, any time, day or night. She has never stopped being there for me and I will cherish her forever.    
  2. My Younger Self – I would love to sit down with myself for a little while and tell her that it will work out. You’ll be ok. Keep doing what you’re doing. Otherwise you won’t learn what you need to in order to be where you should be. IMG_2129
  3. My Husband – What can I say? I like spending time with the guy.  He goes alright. Plus he says I’m pretty. Which is always nice.   
  4. My Nanna – This woman has missed out on seeing me get married and meeting her great grandson and I’d love the chance to tell her everything that’s been going on and that I’m happy.   
  5. Sir Christopher Lee – This one isn’t soppy. He was a really, really cool dude who did lots of stuff and I think a conversation with him would be amazing.   

Thank y’all for reading and I’ll be back tomorrow! 

Have a beautiful day! 


Amber-Jean xo


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