The Pillower’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 2 – Ways to Win My Heart 


Healthy&Handmade gave me the idea for this blogging challenge when she posted it on July. Cheers Chelsea! x
I’ve already blogged about the greatest lessons I’ve learned so I thought I’d skip straight to Day 2 – ways to win my heart. 


If you follow my blog, you’ll know by now that I am married. So someone has clearly won my heart. Well done husband! I won’t give you all the gory details on how he managed to get me to marry him. That’s a whole story on its own. 

Having said this, just because I am happily married doesn’t mean that he gets off the hook with being romantic. As people we will be forever changing and evolving so we need to keep flame going. 

There’s 3 main ways to win my heart. And they are..

  1. Be a fantastic kisser – Yup. Straight up. If you’re not a great kisser that makes me feel like there’s fireworks all around us and a marching band on speed in my heart then you can hit the road. No one likes a dead fish flopping around in their mouth. No one! 
  2. Show me a good time – Dates with me to win my heart don’t have to be something out of a movie. Who has that kind of budget? Take me somewhere original. Keep it simple, keep it sweet. Like, for example, getting take away fish and chips and eating them on a secluded rock overlooking the ocean(a little nod to something that my husband did while we were dating). 
  3. Have good morals – Simply put, be a decent person. Look out for other people and animals. A kind heart goes a long way.  Don’t act like you’re all into me then secretly steal my ATM card and withdraw money from my account. That’s not ok. NOT OK. Don’t litter. That’s bad too. Pretty much if you take care of yourself, other people and the environment (to some degree) and you’re not a criminal, you’re doing alright in my book. 

Keeping it short and sweet today so that’s a wrap. 

Check in tomorrow for ‘5 people I want to meet for lunch’

Have a beautiful day! 


Amber-Jean xo 

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