13 Things I’ve Learned 


The great thing about writing is that it gives me a chance to reflect. Whenever I am feeding my son it is a wonderful time where I can let my mind relax but it is always met with “I can write about this!” And then my mind goes a million miles an hour thinking how I will structure my post. 

I was thinking today about how much my life has changed since becoming a mother and how much I believe that this is the one job I was born to do. It suits me so well. I decided that the best way to realise how much I have altered and morphed into this new me, would be to make a list of everything that I think I’ve learned. 

Here we go. 

  1. Becoming a mother gave me patience. 
  2. I like lists. A lot. I even write lists of lists to write.  
  3. Braided, blonde hair should be my only style and colour. 
  4. The truth hurts. A tonne. 
  5. I do not enjoy confrontation and avoid it all costs. 
  6. Nutella is great but the world needs to just calm down about it. 
  7. Mothers ALWAYS know. Whatever it is you’re hiding. They know. 
  8. Humans have been given the gift of speech. However, sometimes we use it rather poorly. 
  9. No two relationships are the same. 
  10. Co-ordinating things by colour is a weakness of mine and it probably will never change. 
  11. Dessert is the best kind of meal. 
  12. Love is VERY powerful. 
  13. Money can buy what you think is happiness but without happiness, health and a home, you have nothing. 

Thank you for reading. 

Have a beautiful day! 



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