Positivity Tag

Thanks to Lavender, Life & Everything Nice I’ve decided to do the positivity tag! I nominate Healthy&Homade next šŸ˜Š

I think I’m generally a pretty positive kind of person, but just like anyone I have my down days where I could eat my entire weight in chocolate and want to watch Bridget Jones’ Diary until I’ve learnt every word and even the accent. Here are the things in my life that help me stay positive. 

Name three things in your life that’s positive (I’m going to skip over generic “friends and family” because that’s a given) 

  1. If it’s not life or death, don’t sweat it. My husband taught me that the only person that the small things matter to are me and if there’s no danger to anyone, it will all be ok. Like when I needed to bring a pavlova for dessert one night and I wasn’t happy with the meringue. It still tasted delicious but I ended up sobbing about how much of a failure I was! 
  2. My health. I try to stay healthy as much as I can because I know how much it affects my moods. I’m just not myself when I’m hungry. Snickers has it right! I used to think “health” was just diet and exercise but it encompasses a whole range of things. Skincare, haircare, dental hygiene, sleep etc. Maintaining my health helps me stay positive and happy. 
  3. My purpose. Without a purpose I feel lost. As long as I know I’m doing something good for the people who are most dear to me it all makes sense. 

What do you do to try and be more positive?

Focus on the end result. When I go to sleep at night I close my eyes and visualise it. Whatever it is, I focus on what it looks like and feels like and I imagine myself in that situation. Not only is it calming but it helps me stay positive about any situation. It definitely helped when I knew I had to have a c-section to deliver my son. 

What do you do to relax?

Write. I feel like I operate a lot inside my head so I write things down. Thoughts, ideas, lists so it’s like I take the burden off myself for trying to keep calm inside my mind. Being a busy mum with a 7 month old and trying to start my own business plus keeping a household together can get overwhelming. Once I write things down I can focus on enjoying the moments in life. 

And shower. Nothing says relaxation like being clean. 

Have a beautiful day,

Love Amber-Jean xo

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